Instruction Set

The SpartanMC uses two register addresses per instruction. The first operand (RD register) is automatically used as the destination of the operation. The instruction set is composd of fixed 18 bit instructions grouped in the 4 types shown below.

R-Type (Register Instructions)

I-Type (Immediate Instructions)

All operation which take two register values and compute a result which is stored back into operand one.
This group includes all operations which take one register value and a constand to carry out an operation.
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J-Type (Jump Instructions)

M-Type (Memory Instructions)

This group includes the the jump instruction and two branch instructions. The branch instructions interprets a conditioncode flag register to decide either to branch or not
This group is used for memory access operations. All load and store operations are available as half word (9 bit) or full word (18 bit) operation.
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Coding Matrices